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Whether working with a long standing client, a new landlord or within an open market valuation, our responses and guidance are always open and honest, with accurate market values offered. Many of our clients have been with us from the day we opened,  or the day they purchased their investment, with new business and retention of equal importance to us.

What matters to you?

  1. COMPLIANCE – OURS & YOURS The role of the landlord is becoming more and more onerous. Keeping up to date with legislation & compliance issues are paramount and ensuring that whatever changes occur in the industry are implemented. Ensuring that the landlord and tenant are protected is a key responsibility of any good agent and one we are proud to promote as a primary function of our business. We were early members of the Property Ombudsman scheme and actually enact the code of conduct. We joined the custodial Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) as soon as it came into being, with all our managed deposits lodged this way, chose to voluntarily take out Client Money Protection Insurance, follow Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures and take great care to follow data protection requirements along with gas, fire and general safety legislation within the properties we manage.
  1. WHO WILL LIVE IN YOUR PROPERTY? Fully referenced tenants, appropriate to the property and its value, goes without saying. Our Directors are experienced landlords themselves and will never put someone in your property we wouldn’t put in our own. We consistently enjoy ‘zero arrears’ in rental payments from our managed tenants. Accurate and speedy diagnosis of maintenance issues keep your tenants happy and your property in order, at the right price, and we have never had a tenancy or deposit dispute turn ‘legal’.
  2. FEES Fees are offered at a fair and competitive price for an excellent service.Letting Only – 10% + VAT (i.e. 12%) of the agreed rent for the entire term due in full at the commencement of the tenancy.
    Property Management – 5% + VAT (i.e. 6%) of the agreed rent for the entire term due monthly in advance.
    Tenancy Renewals –  Charged at the agreed Letting Only rate for the entire term due in full upon renewal of the tenancy.
    Gas Safety Inspection – £100 + £10 per gas appliance (incl. VAT)
    Initial Property Inventory – £100 + £15 per bedroom (incl. VAT)
    Energy Performance Certificate – £100 (incl. VAT)
    International Transfers – £25 per transaction
    Deposit Registration – FREE
    Tenancy Agreement – FREE
    Renewal Agreement – FREE
  3. PAPERWORK AND PAYMENTS Paperwork and processes have also been honed over the years. Landlord monies are accounted for on a ‘real time basis’ and paid over immediately, Deposits are lodged in the custodial DPS scheme upon receipt, with prescribed information and terms an integral part of our tenancy agreement (consistently checked for compliance). An Adobe Echosign account allows for traceable and fast document signing, quickly and readily available to all parties, straight to your e-mail. Your rent will be accounted for in real time with a statement and payment advice sent to your email. We understand that your money is your money.


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For more information about successfully letting your property, email: or speak to Steve on 020 7378 7892