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At Urban Moves we pride ourselves on our property management and aim to ensure all maintenance requests within your rental property are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Maintenance emails are received and monitored seven days a week, every week of the year. Employment of an in-house maintenance man allows us to identify and rectify many common issues within your property. We can then accurately report issues to appropriate third parties if a more specialised engineer or tradesman is required.

Prompt, detailed and factual reports from tenants greatly assist the ease and timing of the resolution of any maintenance issues. All maintenance reports must be provided in writing via the simple form below to ensure expedient attention.

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N.B Please ensure your property is managed by Urban Moves. Properties managed directly by your landlord should be reported as outlined on your non-managed property sheet.

Maintenance Report

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In the first instance water leaking into your property should be advised to the property above you or next door (if soaking into a side wall for example) and where applicable the porter. Every effort should be made to protect the property, removing landlords and your own belongings from the affected area/s and collecting dripping water in containers rather than towels on floor for example.


For clarity, the following most commonly reported issues remain the responsibility of the occupier; changing light bulbs, changing smoke alarm batteries, simple blockages, managing condensation, blackened mastic & stained grout etc. caused by an insufficient cleaning routine. Urban Moves are happy to provide advice on any issues within your property. Issues identified as a result of action or omission of the occupiers will be chargeable to the tenants. If there is no water at all please contact Thames Water. If you have a full power cut please contact your supplier.