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Whether you’re a first time buyer, investor or just looking to move somewhere new, we understand the importance of finding the perfect property. Our experienced team will work hard to understand your unique needs and help you through every step of the process.

What matters to you?

  1. ACCURATELY REPRESENTED PROPERTIES How many times have you looked at a property listing and found a brief inaccurate write up, a single external photo taken on a cameraphone, no floorplan or room measurements and without the salient information (lease, service charge, ground rent etc.) crucial to a decision whether the property may be one you want to view? Everyone at Urban Moves that you deal with on your prospective sale has purchased property themselves and are aware of what you need to assist your viewing and onward purchasing decisions. Our advertising properties and details enjoy consistently high ‘click though’ rates as they catch the eye and contain pertinent information. Of course our job as agents is to best present the property on our details but the photos you see will not be taken with fish eye lenses, stretched to look more spacious or photo shopped to look lighter or in better condition. Accurately represented properties sell quickly and at Urban Moves we prefer this to be the outcome of your enquiry
  2. MARKETING AVAILABLE PROPERTIES There will always be the time when you enquire about a property and an offer has just been accepted or a property withdrawn from the market, but this should not be a regular occurrence. We only list genuine sales and mark them as under offer as soon as a memo of sale is issued. We are a small and focussed company and work hard to promote and sell the properties we have available without clouding the issue with long gone listings or teasers left simply to attract more vendors.
  1. THE PRICE Valuations are not an exact science, however can be supported via experience of the area, comparable properties sold and currently on the market in the block or vicinity, the strength of the market at the time, access to lending for prospective buyers and peripherals affecting the market such a cost of sale, stamp duty, lending fees and legal costs. Without winning instructions we cannot function as an agent or indeed offer you, the buyer, with the property you need but aim to do this via selling our service, experience and sales methodology rather than quoting the highest price for a property.  In our experience ‘the market will decide’ the value of any given property with an attractively priced property in a strong market achieving strong interest and multiple offers, often settling above the asking price with offers made being what it is worth to each individual and you can feel assured of its worth by the additional interest. In a seasonally slower, weaker economic or political market, again the market will decide and offers more reserved and
  2. SUCCESSFUL SALES PROGRESSION Surveys show people believe the estate agents job stops at the point the offer is agreed however, with 1/3 of all UK agreed sales falling through before a legally binding contract is made ‘running’ the sale  with knowledge and experience is essential. Your purchase will not be left with a ‘sales progression team’ or some other title for junior admin person but will be retained by senior staff, on hand to advise the process or explain and sort out specific issues or queries. Urban Moves will not have someone running your sale who has not bought or sold their own property and more typically will be run by a Director with numerous personal sales under their belt and a mass more experience at an industry level. Time and again this level of experience and understanding of the process has kept together and progressed sales through to a successful completion that would otherwise have fallen at the first hurdle.


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